Upholstery Cleaner Shares Some Tips for Carpet Maintenance

3 Carpet Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Like for most homeowners, your carpets are one of your most valuable pieces of furniture. Whether they’ve been in your family since the dawn of time or were a present from a loving relative, carpets are an important part of the house. For this reason, many people choose to keep them looking and feeling their best at all times by working with an upholstery cleaner. However, finding the time and money to have them professionally cleaned isn’t always easy with other responsibilities to tackle. To help you decide, here are some carpet cleaning tips that will make the process easier for you:

Use Your Vacuum

Your vacuum cleaner is one of the best tools you have when it comes to cleaning carpets. Even better, it’s one that you can use for at least an hour after each use! The more often you vacuum, the better, but at least once a week if possible. This will reduce dust and allergens in your home while keeping your carpet looking great.

Avoid Using harsh chemicals

While cleaning with detergents is important, they shouldn’t be used on carpets unless they are specifically made for this purpose. Harsh chemicals can damage the fibers over time and leave them looking dull. Instead, opt for milder solutions that won’t damage the carpet and that will also bring back its original color.

Clean as you go

Even if it’s just picking up crumbs every day as you eat, vacuuming every day is good for your carpet. Once or twice a week will help maintain your carpet’s color and cleanliness. You can also pick up any spills as soon as they happen so that they don’t become permanent stains.

Use these cleaning tips to keep your home’s carpets looking great! If you need more advice about how to clean the upholstery properly, or if you’re simply looking for a professional upholstery cleaner in Coral Springs, FL, look no further than Paradise Cleaning. Reach out today at (954) 931-0835 to schedule an appointment with our cleaners!

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