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The Risks of Letting Upholstery Go Uncleaned

Poorly cleaned upholstery poses a great number of risks that can affect the health of your home or business. Everyday activities, like sitting or eating, can easily cause dirt and grease to become trapped in the fibers- and without proper cleaning, this will only increase. Here are five important risks of neglecting the need for your upholstery for a proper outdoor upholstery cleaning job.

1. Unpleasant Odors

As oils and dirt become trapped in your upholstery over time, they may produce an unpleasant odor. This can be disheartening and may require more than a basic vacuuming to solve. Regular cleaning can help retain the freshness of your upholstery, keeping the odors out of your home or business.

2. Allergies and Asthma Flare-Ups

Upholstery fibers can act as a magnet for dust and other allergens. When not cleaned regularly, these allergens can accumulate and severely affect indoor air quality. This can cause unpleasant itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing, and even asthma attacks.

3. Discoloration and Stains

Uncleaned dirt and oils accumulate on upholstery over time, causing it to start looking dull, scruffy, and discolored. These unattractive marks can also become permanent if not treated right away. Even if your upholstery still looks clean, the oils accumulating in the fibers cannot always be seen and may lead to unwanted stains in the future.

4. Deterioration

Upholstery is made of expensive fabrics which may not withstand a lot of dirt under their fibers. Without professional cleaning, the dirt and oils can cause fabric to deteriorate quickly, resulting in an unpleasant and unsightly mess that can be hard to repair or reverse.

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